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On April 24, 2016 we presented in Lodi the latest artistic creation by Serge Gevin, French graphic designer and artist, author of the most successful special Citroën series such as the 2CV Spot, the Charleston, the Dolly ...



“It must be white and red. The white body, the red fenders, as well as the convertible top"said Gevin.

“The seats will be in red velvet, precisely those of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. On the tailgate there will be the name and on the doors the first notes of Giuseppe Verdi's Aida Triumphal March. ”

Aida - Marcia TrionfaleGiuseppe Verdi

And this is how the French artist decided to commission his project to Cesare, an expert in the restoration of vintage cars and in particular Citroën, the first cars on which he got his hands from a very young age and who pushed him in the last years of making his passion into a job, making himself known even outside Italy, so much so as to be, in fact, the choice of those who worked for the French brand over the years.


The 2CV Scala was born in 2016, a unique model in the world visible today in Cesare's current headquarters.

Cesare e Serge Gevin
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